Baccarat Highlights event

At first light, like lightning, the rain, sun and wind come to life. In a ballet of clouds, sky in perpetual motion, Baccarat shoots lighting to stardom by launching in 2011 the « Highlights » collection. A collaborative collection signed by Michele De Lucchi, Jaime Hayon, Eriko Horiki, Yann Kersalé, Arik Levy, Alain Moatti & Henri Rivière, Philippe Starck & Baccarat. From contemporary reinterpretations of its classic chandeliers to complete free-ranging design variations, Baccarat saves the soul of its icons through a timeless scenario, into the beat of the four seasons.

Palazzo Morando – April 2011: between radiance, glow and afterglow, the sky is raging furiously. A sky which, azure or sluggish, reviews all the time variations. Through a random and geopoetic journey, Baccarat reveals its «Highlights», as light goes by. Caught in the space vortex, mirages and sensations succeed each other. From the aurora borealis to the starlit night, in the interplay of heartstopping combinations and structures, crystal is blended into the most unlikely materials. LED technology is breathing a shining new life into Baccarat’s legendary chandeliers. Bold and dazzling, the new generation of lights tears up the skies. From darkness to spotlight stems brilliance.